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As experts in amalgam waste management, we are proactive for our customers - so that they have more time for their patients.

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We have high standards of quality for our amalgam waste disposal products and services. Therefore we review them regularly according to strict criteria.

Reliable amalgam recycling by medentex

Reliable, committed service is a matter of course to us. These are the standards we live up to.

Amalgam waste from dentistry is our area of expertise.

All dental practices must adhere to strict safety requirements, especially regarding amalgam waste. Our entire product and service range is thus oriented towards the compliant and safe storage, disposal and recycling of amalgam waste from dental offices.

Every dentist who places or removes amalgam fillings has to take care of the waste amalgam afterwards. The EPA rule on amalgam waste from dentistry prohibits to flush waste amalgam down the drain. Instead, it should be collected and recycled with a certified waste company like medentex. Amalgam occurs in leftover filling material, amalgam capsules, in extracted teeth with amalgam fillings or chairside traps and solids collectors. 

As a specialised service provider, we support dental practices when it comes to issues regarding waste materials which are hazardous to health and the environment. Amalgam is considered hazardous waste since it contains mercury. Thus, it needs to be collected and disposed of by a specialized service provider.

The key to our success is the expertise of our employees, whose specialized knowledge help us maintain our high product and service quality standards.

We are continually working to adjust our services to the changing requirements of dental practices, so that our customers can concentrate on what's important - serving their patients.