amalsed Silver amalgam separation system by medentex

amalsed Silver - your compliant solution for amalgam separation

In addition to our Silver Service package, medentex also offers a complete amalgam separation system including air-water separator. It is a reliable, compliant solution for practices who have not yet installed an amalgam separation system. With its 99.7% separation efficiency, the amalsed Silver system does not only comply with the EPA rule on amalgam waste, but even surpasses them. Combined with our Silver Service package, this system provides full compliance. The amalsed Silver cartridge is even compatible with many other air-water separators.

Product highlights amalsed Silver

  • Reliable amalgam separation solution for your dental office
  • Flexible Installation
  • Easy to install, easy to maintain
  • Separates 99.7% of the amalgam out of your waste water
  • Combined with our Silver Service package, the amalsed Silver provides full compliance
  • Large tank capacity
  • Universal, industry-standard connection
  • NSF certified (ISO 11143:2008)

Installation and replacement intervals for the amalsed Silver cartridge

The amalsed Silver can be installed into most any existing or new vacuum system. Please consult our user manual for the product's dimensions so that you can clear an appropriate area for installation.

medentex has designed replacement cycles customized to the size of your office. Dental offices with 1-4 chairs replace their cartridge once a year, while dental offices with 5-10 chairs replace it twice a year in six month intervals. Offices with 11 or more chairs should contact a medentex representative for a bespoke solution. For detailed information on how to replace the amalsed Silver cartridge, please consult the replacement manual below.