The Silver Service by medentex - your one-stop shop solution for amalgam recycling

"We use the Silver Service by medentex to be compliant with EPA legislation!"

The Silver Service by medentex - your one-stop shop solution for amalgam recycling

  • Amalgam separator cartridge, waste containers and capsule bag all in one box
  • Everything you need to be compliant at an attractive price
  • Recycling, recycling certificate and return shipping included with every Silver Service package
  • Your air-water separator may already be compatible with our amalsed Silver cartridge

Are you compliant?

Dental clinics are the main source of mercury discharges to publicly owned treatment works, amounting to 5.1 tons of mercury and 5.3 tons of other metals each year, according to EPA estimations. New EPA regulations as of July 2017 require all dental offices to install an amalgam separator and responsibly recycle their amalgam waste with a certified company.

Silver Service Disposal Box by medentex

medentex offers you a unique one-stop shop solution

Our Silver Service combines compliant amalgam waste recycling with first-class service. You receive a box with everything you need and we take care of the rest. Depending on the size of your practice, the box will be exchanged once or twice a year. We take care of the exchange intervals and organize the collection – safe and trouble-free.

Choose the experts

medentex is a globally operating company headquartered in Bielefeld, Germany, which has specialized in the professional and compliant disposal and recycling of dental waste. We have been supporting dentists for more than 30 years with hands-on solutions, ranging from reliable waste disposal management to amalgam separation. medentex is officially authorized to collect and transport dental waste even across country borders and we recycle everything at our German headquarters.

The Silver Service process in short:

The medentex Silver Service in short
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If you’re happy with your Silver Service, why not tell fellow dentists? Receive a $50 Visa Gift Card for you and your colleague each when they purchase our Silver Service package! Call our toll-free hotline at (888) 640-2527 or send us an e-mail asking for the voucher.

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We take good service personally

Our customer support will help you in case of questions. Want to find out if you are compliant? Call our toll-free hotline for a free consultation today: (888) 640-2527.