Best Management Practices for dental offices

We make no compromises: safety has the highest priority when handling hazardous waste.

Our experience is your advantage

For over 30 years we at medentex have specialized in the professional and compliant storage, transport and disposal of hazardous waste for dental practices. And we even go one step beyond - we support you with our expertise even before the actual disposal.

Important facts

As a dentist or dental office employee, you handle hazardous waste every day. All hazardous waste requires professional handling. We would like to offer you a few basic safety rules for handling various types of dental waste so that you are safer in your daily practice.

Waste containing amalgam

  • Used chairside traps, solid collectors, amalgam sludge, extracted teeth with amalgam fillings, amalgam separator cartridges, amalgam capsules
  • When handling waste containing amalgam, always wear protective gloves. Also, protective clothing, face masks and protective glasses are recommended.
  • Always store the waste in a cool place, never store containers near heat sources or in direct sunlight, because the amalgam could start emitting poisonous mercury vapor.
  • Always store waste containing amalgam in tightly sealed containers.

Needles & sharps

  • Used needles, scalpels and other infectious waste with risk of injury
  • Always wear protective gloves when handling this kind of waste
  • Sharp and pointed objects should only be stored and disposed of in tightly closeable, puncture-resistant containers
  • Use stripping devices and avoid recapping

X-ray chemicals

  • X-ray developer solution and fixatives
  • When handling x-ray chemicals, always wear gloves. Also, protective clothing and eye/face protection are also recommended

How to use our containers

medentex Amalgam Waste container standard size

Amalgam Waste

This container is designed for the safe, compliant disposal of used chairside traps and solids collectors and for loose amalgam sludge. Never put this container close to heat sources or in direct sunlight, always keep it as cool as possible. Always keep this container tightly sealed when not in use.

Toothbox by medentex


Please use this container for extracted teeth with amalgam fillings. Never put it close to heat sources or in direct sunlight, always store it in a cool place. Keep it tightly sealed when not in use. To offer maximum protection, the medentex toothbox contains a proven mercury vapour suppressant in order to minimize mercury vapours emitting from the contents of the container.

Amalgam capsule bag, part of the Silver Service by medentex

Amalgam Capsules

This zip bag is designed for the safe and compliant storage and disposal of empty or used amalgam capsules. Always wear protective gloves when handling waste containing amalgam. Never put this bag close to heat sources or in direct sunlight, always store it cool. Keep it sealed when not in use.

amalsed Silver amalgam separator cartridge

amalsed Silver cartridge

This cartridge separates amalgam from your waste water. It is part of the amalsed® Silver amalgam separation system, but it is also compatible with many other air-water separators. As with all other waste containing amalgam, you should never put this cartridge close to heat sources or in direct sunlight. Store it in a cool place. Always wear protective gloves when exchanging the cartridge.